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 WIA Award Winning East Midlands Performer 2018
I want to say that Nigel Adair presented our wedding and reception with dignity, class and most Of all respect. We had an Irish - Ghanaian guest list as me the bride is Irish and my husband the groom is Ghanaian. Nigel dealt with the mix of cultures in such a way I have never seen before. Every Ghanaian guest loved him and wanted their Photo with him too. Such a Great day had by all.
Submitted by: Chloe Damoah
From our first meeting Nigel's professionalism could be seen in abundance making us feel very relaxed. His performance on our wedding day went down exceedingly well, with all our guests saying how much they loved it, with a number of them requesting his details for there own events. We were so thrilled with the brilliant contribution Nigel made to our day.
Submitted by: Timothy Maloney
Nigel was simply fantastic and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for making our day so very special. He went above and beyond and is amazingly talented man.
Submitted by: Janine Bell (Harwood)
Nigel was someone I thought I would never find for my wedding day. I knew what I wanted but didn't think I would find it until I met Nigel. He made my dreams come true and gave me Submitted by: Claire Gibson (Newman)
Nigel made me feel at ease. He was so accommodating all day and even changed the location of his evening set to suit our last minute request. He is really friendly and professional at the same time.
Submitted by: Kara Gourlay (Forshaw)
Nigel was both our toastmaster - which he was fantastic and took on board the feel of the wedding - relaxed and easy going. despite this he kept us to times and managed to gather us all together including a large number of young children. He effortless switched roles in the evening to perform and his singing made our wedding day even more special. We simple cannot rave about him enough!
Submitted by: Zoe Galvao-Hyde (Galvao)
Nigel was great from the pre wedding meeting to the wedding day. He helped us all and gave advice to people doing speeches. He guided all the guests nicely. He made the whole day run smoothly with no effort from myself or my bride. He even sang our first dance which added that extra little emotion to first dance. If i was to do it again (hopefully not) then he would be one of the first people i book as he really did help a massive amount.
Submitted by: Anonymous
Nigel is an amazing toastmaster. He was well presented, wonderfully calm and collected and had an excellent ability to communicate with guests, the bridal party, venue and suppliers. He kept the entire wedding day running smoothly and to the dot. Our pre meeting before hand was relaxed, at a place of our choosing and where we went over the details of the day thoroughly. He also kept his talents a secret from guests. His singing voice and evening part were fabulously done too! No complaints.
Submitted by: Anonymous
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